Popular Thickness and Size of Laminating Pouches for Different Countries

2020-12-03 20:00:00
Summary :this article is about the popular thickness and size of laminating pouches for different countries. Welcome to point out if there is any mistake or modification requirement.

Thickness and size are the 2 most important parameters when selecting the laminating pouches.

Different countries has established an different demands on the laminating pouches, PNP Film are gathering the popular size and thickness information for different countries in this article. 

In North America such as United States, the popular thickness is 3mil, 5mil. And the popular sizes include letter size(228mm*292mm), legal size(228mm*368mm), Jumbo(75mm*105mm), etc.

In Argentina, the popular thickness is 150micron. And the popular sizes include A3(303mm*426mm), oficio(225mm*365mm), A4(225mm*297mm), 1/2 oficio(225mm*175mm), C4(83mm*120mm), C3(76mm*110mm), C2(66mm*99mm), C1(59mm*83mm), 60mm*90mm, etc.

In United Kingdom, the popular thickness is 75micron, 100micron, 125micron, 175micron, and 250micron, and some clients are calling them 150micron, 200micron, 250micron, 350micron, and 500micron as they are calculating the total thickness of 2 layers. And the popular sizes include A4(216*303mm), A3(303*426mm), A2(426*600mm), A5(154*216mm), A6(110*154mm), A7(75*105mm), badge(67*98mm), credit card(54*86mm), ID card(60*90mm), luggage(65*108mm), military(65*95mm), key(64*99mm), etc.

We will update this article duly and welcome to contact us if there is any mistake or any modification is required.