About Us

With years of experience in the field of packaging film and printing film, PNP Film has successfully established its advantage products, not only offering a quality product to clients from all over the world but also giving insightful solutions for the partner.

In modern society, all goods need to be packaged, and all packaging needs to be printed. Finding the most suitable materials from a reliable partner is the most important thing.

Driven by the vision to be the most reliable and professional B2B partner in the field of packaging film and printing film, PNP film takes clients' demand as the first priority and takes teamwork as its strength, works with passion, integrity, and dedication, which help PNP Film realize their value of offering the best solution to clients' demand with satisfying service, which makes the purchase much easier.

Currently, PNP Film is offering packaging film and printing film as follows, and we are expanding products such as security tape, flexible packaging film, etc.

Packaging Film China Supplier(PNP Film)
Laminating Pouches
Protective Film Hologram Sticker Tamper-evident Film Thermal Laminating Film

used for picutres & 

document lamination

used for various

protection purposes

used in anti-counterfeit


used for sticker and 

security tape making

used for paper prints'


type: sheet(glossy, 

matt,  3-layer, 

holographic) , roll

type: PE(transparent,

blue, milky white, etc.),

PET(optical, scuff free,

etc.), PVC,

type: one-time use,

tamper- evident,


type: metallic,


( generic &  custom 

tamper  evidence).

type: glossy, matt,

metalized, holographic,

soft-touch, anti-scratch,

digital,  embossed, etc.

Printing Film China Supplier(PNP Film)
Backlit Film
DTF Film Medical Printing Film PET Transparency Film Synthetic Paper

used in advertising &

displaying field

used in textile


used for hospital

image output

usd for inkjet/solvent


used for printing

type: front printing,

reverse printing,


type: cold peel,

hot&cold peel;

single-side matte;

double-sided matte.

type: white base, blue


for laser printer, inkjet

printer, thermal printer.

type: transparent, milky

white, frosted, etc.

type: coated synthetic

paper, synthetic paper

label, etc.

PNP Film would spare no effort to be the most reliable and professional China supplier and partner in the field of packaging film and printing film, and welcome to contact us for more possibility together.