About Us

Xiamen PNP Film Co., Ltd. is a B2B partner in the field of packaging films and printing films.

The Vision of PNP Film
Become the most professional and reliable supplier in the field of packaging film and printing film.

The Mission of PNP Film
Providing the best solutions and satisfying services upon the client's demand, making the purchase much easier.

The Value of PNP Film
Customer First, Close Cooperation, Optimistic Work.



Packaging Film

High-quality packaging printing helps attract consumers’ attention 

and delivers product quality information to increase product sales.



Printing Film

Printing is one of the most important methods of decorating and processing 

in product packaging, and it serves to convey information, promote and beautify products.


Why Choose PNP Film

Why Would PNP Film Be Reliable And Professional

PNP Film would spare no effort to be the most reliable and professional China supplier in the field of packaging film and printing film.

Driven by the vision, PNP film would offer the best solution on demand and satisfied service, which making purchase much more easier.

Starting from clients' demands, taking teamwork as the strength, PNP Film would complete the works with passion, integrity, and dedication.

Clients First

PNP Film gives clients top priority from the moment receiving message from clients' side, serving with the best way PNP Film can offer.

Close Teamwork

A professional team among the circle of raw material to after-sale-service, making your purchase much more confident and satisfied.

Optimistic Work

Based on honesty, Taking dedication as its the principle, passion as its vitality, PNP Film will try to create greater value for clients.

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