What Is the Difference Between CT and DR Inspection?

Summary :This article is a brief introduction to the difference between CT and DR inspection.

CT is short for computer tomography and DR is short for digital radiography.

The imaging principle of DR and CT is the same: both are through X-ray imaging. Because X-rays have strong penetrating power to the human tissue structure, and the density of each tissue structure of the human body is different, the amount absorbed when X-rays penetrate is also different. Therefore, the exposure of the remaining x-rays on the film will be different, thus forming an X-ray film with sharp black and white gray levels and significant levels. And then a lesion is found and a diagnosis is made.

The CT scan is a tomographic image, and there is no overlap between the organs and the display is clear.
DR is an image of the human body projected onto a plane. There is overlap between organs, and the display is not as clear as CT, but the overall view is stronger.

The difference between CT and DR is that CT examination is post-processed by a computer, and then 3D reconstruction can be obtained, which is more suitable for examining various parts of the body.

DR is mainly used for conventional chest X-ray photography, and then used for wounds of limbs and tumors. CT is suitable for examining various parts of the body. The size, scope, and nature of the lesions are more accurate than DR, and the diagnosis is more specific, detailed and superior.

Generally, CT is better than DR, which is more accurate, but also expensive. CT is a tomography. Once it exceeds one centimeter, smaller lesions can be seen. DR is an ordinary film, which is more general, but economical. If there is no discomfort and it is just a physical examination. Usually DR first, if there is any problem, then CT.

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